Why Vegan?

At Eco Bay we firmly believe that veganism is the future. And there are a multitude of reasons why you should avoid animal products and choose plant-based. One of these reasons is what Eco Bay fights for and represents - eco-friendliness.

Although what you eat may not seem as a major way to fight climate change and global warming - studies show that it really is. A recent study by Oxford University showed that vegan diets are the very best for our environment, they modelled what would happen if the world adopts or continues on different diets until 2050. 

Their modelling showed that adopting simple dietary guide lines would cut emissions by 29%, adopting vegetarian diet would cut emissions by 63% and adopting a vegan diet would cut the worlds emissions by 70%. These simple figures show how much a switch in diet or food choices can really have.

Although there are other major reasons veganism exists like being cruelty-free; none of them would matter if we don't have a healthy planet. So we encourage you to join our fight for a more eco-friendly world with Eco Bay.